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About Orbit Eye Hospital

Since 2006, Orbit Eye hospital has been providing exceptional eye care and treatment, leveraging the best techniques and wealth of knowledge, skills and experience.

Backed by a competent team and infrastructure and ophthalmic & clinical expertise, Orbit Eye Hospital is committed to serving patients and ensure their constant satisfaction. 

Orbit Eye Hospital, with hands on experience, offers optimum solutions and complete optical care like eye examination for those who suffer fromnearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, aging vision, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, or other medical eye conditions.

Keeping technological strengths abreast, Orbit Eye Hospital has treated countless patients with latest cataract surgery and refractive procedure. The Hospital functions diligently, and can be held high for ethical standards. 

Orbit Eye Hospital has inculcated to meet patients’ requirements with care, sensitivity and compassion. The core objective of the Hospital is to offer high quality and greater patient care.

Quality policy & quality objectives
Orbit Eye Hospital maintains superior quality standards, with uncompromised and unwavering focus. It tirelessly strives to keep up the quality level at the highest crest, employing the most advanced techniques and applying the latest equipments in the process, ensuring safety and hygiene. The mainstay of our objective is total patient care, with compassion. 

At Orbit Eye Hospital, we ensure patient’s safety, with proper initiatives in the direction. We periodically monitor and maintain appropriate description and reporting of hospital infection and any incident. Apart from preparing patient’s record and audit, we carry out proper sampling activities and monitor sterilised items that are used in surgeries and operations.

Orbit Eye Hospital abounds with qualified, skilled and experienced ophthalmologists and competent support staff members that possess the ability to trouble shoot at any given situation or emergencies, besides managing the overall administration with utmost efficiency and adeptness.

Mission & Vision Statement 

Our mission is to augment, further propelling the dimension of eye care and treatment sphere with superior quality techniques and most advanced technology. 

We intend to base our treatment processes and methodology on innovative and ground-breaking strategies. We envisage taking bigger leaps to finding newer dimensions to provide greatest patient care, further, leveraging progressive and result oriented treatment procedures. 


It is our core objective to maintain high standards of ophthalmic treatment, care and surgery. We aim at optimising the use of technology and infrastructure to benefit all our patients in order to ensure effective results and patient’s satisfaction and well being. Provide a motivating culture and environment to our staff.



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