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Don’t Sleep With Your Contacts

Do you often find yourself sleeping off with your contact lenses on?
Whether it’s because of laziness, falling asleep before the TV or because you forgot to restock on your contact lens solution, sleeping with your contact lenses in your eyes can be bad for your eyes.
When we are awake, the outer part of our eye called the cornea is able to get oxygen from the air. Whenever we blink, the contact lens moves slightly to allow the cornea to breathe. And when we sleep, this cornea gets its nutrition from a fluid called the aqueous humour. But when we sleep with our contacts on, the contact lens sits very tightly on the cornea below our closed eyelid. This prevents the cornea from getting the nutrition it needs.
Also, the tiny scratches that the contact lenses cause on the surface of the eye can get infected. Sometimes, the bacteria can gain an entry into the eye from the contact lenses itself.
Always remember to remove your contact lenses before you go off to sleep.
If you are a contact lens user, it is recommended that you have your eyes checked by an eye specialist at least once every year. To book an appointment with one of the best eye specialists in Mumbai, Dr Amjad U. Furniturewala, click here and schedule an appointment at Orbit Eye Hospital today!


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