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Q: When can I go back to work?

A: You can resume work the next day if your vision permits. However, doctors usually recommend that you rest your eyes.
Q: Will I be made unconscious?

A: LASIK is performed under local anaesthesia which means that you will be awake throughout the procedure. At the onset of the procedure eye drops will be put which will cause numbness.

Q: How long does the procedure last?

A: It does not take more than 10 seconds to 5 minutes for the actual surgery.

Q: Is the procedure very painful?

The eye may be a little itchy after the procedure, but the procedure itself is not painful thanks to the anaesthetic eye drops. Usually patients do not even require any pain medications, but you can always ask your doctor for some if you are apprehensive about the pain.

Q: What are the restrictions that I would be required to follow after my surgery?

You will be required to wear a protective shield for the first two nights after the procedure.
Swimming and using a hot tub should be avoided the first two weeks after Surgery.
Using cosmetics should be avoided for a few weeks around the eyes.
Bathing, Showering, exercising etc. is allowed right from the next day.

Q: Will I require follow up checks?

Yes, follow up checks are required at about 1-2 days, 2 weeks, and 3,6,12 months durations. The exact situation for your eye will be told to you by your doctor.

Q: What are the side effects?

Your vision may fluctuate during the initial days after the procedure.
You may also notice some glare, halo around lights or double vision especially at night.

Q: Are there any risks?

Like any surgical procedure, LASIK too has certain risks of complications.
They are:
  • Infection of the cornea (is dealt with antibiotics)
  • Under Correction (If too little tissue is removed, requiring enhancement later)
  • Over Correction (If too much tissue is removed, which can be corrected with enhancement)
  • Displacement of flap (can be prevented with the use of protective eye shields)
  • Dry eyes (There is a temporary decrease in tear production which may require the use of artificial tears)


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