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Cataract Eye Surgery

The cost per eye of the cataract is Rs 14,999/- per eye, which is within reach of the common man.

Cataract Eye Surgery Advantages At Orbit

  • Cataract Surgery Is Performed Using The Most Advanced Ozil Technology For Phacoemulsification In A 2.2mm Incision (MICS- micro incision cataract surgery) With A Foldable Hydrophobic Square Edge IOL
  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • Safe
  • Negligible Infection Rate
  • Negligible Complications Post Surgery
  • Cost Effective 
  • No Stitches, No Sutures & A Fast.
  • Patient Can Resume Normal Life From The NEXT Day.
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Technically Advanced Surgery Performed By Most Reliable Surgeons At Orbit Eye Hospital 

Our Surgeons employ advanced Ozil technology for Phacoemulsification when performing the cataract surgery. During the procedure a 2.2mm incision is made (MICS- micro-incision cataract surgery) with a foldable hydrophobic square edge IOL. OZIL technology optimises lens extraction procedure speeding up the operating time and reducing effort. OZIL technology is extremely safe and superior to conventional ultrasound phacoemulsification in terms of operating time and use of energy.

The advanced procedure, together with the experience and expertise of our surgeons assure safe and accurate results. Cataract is commonly seen in the ageing population and removal of the lens becomes necessary for keeping vision clear and normal. This is a simple procedure, and our surgeons have successfully performed thousands of cataract surgeries with excellent results. Keeping the interest and welfare of its patients in mind, Orbit Eye hospital brings forth the advanced treatment at affordable prices.