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Socket Reconstruction
Socket Reconstruction

Surgical & Non-Surgical Procedures

In cases where the surgical removal of the eye has taken place, socket reconstruction may be required for cosmetic purposes. There are many surgical and non-surgical procedures used for socket reconstruction.

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Socket Reconstruction

Socket Reconstruction

Let us understand what conditions require socket reconstruction surgery.
  • 1. Anophthalmos: A condition of the eye which is extremely rare where the ocular (eye) tissue within the orbit (eye socket) is missing in a newborn
  • 2. Microphthalmos: Incomplete eye formation at birth and so the child is born with extremely small eyes.
  • 3. Contracted socket: When the fornices of the eye are small, retaining the artificial eye can be difficult requiring the socket to be rebuilt.
  • 4. Ectropion: a condition of the eye where lower eyelid is turned away from the eyeball.
  • 5. Entropion: an abnormality where eyelids and lashes are turned toward the inside of the eye.
  • 6. Congenital eyelid abnormalities, Lacrimal abnormalities, Orbital fractures and Tumours.

Procedure for Socket Construction

1This procedure is followed after enucleation surgery and also after extrusion of an old implant. There are many advantages of this procedure such as restitution of orbital architecture, augmentation of conjunctival fornices and volume restoration.

2Eye socket reconstruction is carried out to provide rehabilitation to the soft tissues and bone around the eye including the eyelids, socket, and conjunctival fornices. Such surgery usually becomes necessary following trauma, defects, or scarring from disease or accident.

3By using the most advanced techniques, our surgeons at Orbit Eye hospital restore proper function to the remaining structure of the eye so that a prosthetic can be used. Some of the techniques are implants or fat grafts, eyelid tightening, and ptosis surgery of the upper eyelid.

4In Socket reconstruction, the surgeons aim to preserve vision, restore normal eye function, and repair abnormalities in the eyelids. Ensuring that the eye socket is restructured for an artificial eye is the next best option after the loss of a healthy eye.