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Schwind Amaris


SCHWIND AMARIS technology provides the ideal treatment of short-sightedness,  long-sightedness, astigmatism, higher-order visual defects and presbyopia. Very  high ablation speed enables the eye specialist to complete the procedure in an  extremely short period of time. The corneal tissue is preserved and an  exceptionally smooth surface is achieved. The unique eye tracking system  actively compensates for even the slightest eye movements. In this way, the  positioning of the next laser pulse is adjusted at lightning speed – and provides  for the greatest possible treatment reliability. SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems  have proven reliable in thousands of applications and offer the leading  technology for laser eye surgery. This is documented by excellent clinical results  in numerous scientific publications. AMARIS technology has earned many national and international awards.


Carriazo  Pendular Microkerartome

Carriazo-Pendular microkeratome offers unequaled precision.
The result is a convincing and highly predictable treatment quality for the refractive surgeon and his patients.

Infiniti Vision System

Infiniti Vision System

This is the latest technology in Cataract operations.

The advantages are:

The unique OZil® Torsional Handpiece is the only phaco device that features side-to-side oscillating ultrasonic movement. The result is a wide range of exceptional benefits during phacoemulsification (cataract operation) procedures.

  • Ultrasonic oscillations cut lens material using a shearing effect
  • Side-to-side movement increases cutting efficiency
  • Decreases time to remove lens material
  • Increases your surgical efficiency


This is the most modern surgical microscope. Orbit Eye Hospital is the first eye hospital in Mumbai to own this microscope.

The OPMI Lumera(R) i ophthalmic surgical microscope is high end. Equipped with SCI(TM) (Stereo Coaxial Illumination) for a brilliant red-reflex critical for anterior segment work, legendary Carl Zeiss apochromatic optics for unparalleled visual clarity and ergonomic considerations like a touchscreen graphical user interface that allows intuitive control of all system functions, including the integrated video camera, the OPMI Lumera i is the perfect scope for surgery centers

Optovue iVue OCT

Optivue iVue OCT

The Optovue iVue OCT, which includes Glaucoma, Retina and Anterior Segment OCT, scans at 26,000 A-scans per second and 5 micro resolution. Most importantly, the iVue performs the following tests:

  • Glaucoma Severity
  • To study the Retina
  • Anterior Segment: angle measurement
  • Pachymetry mapping
  • Tear film analysis
  • Contact lens analysis

This OCT is incredibly fast, capable of scanning an eye in under 1/3 a second


IOL Master


This machine is used to calculate the exact lens power before cataract operations

The ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 is the gold standard in optical biometry with more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations to date. With the new version of the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 you get a piece of cutting-edge technology that points the way to the future of optical biometry.

Improving refractive outcomes

Any intraocular lens calculation is only as reliable as the lens constant it is based on. Together with its one-of-a-kind distance independent telecentric keratometry and the exclusively integrated Holladay 2 formula, the gold standard in optical biometry helps you improve your refractive outcomes.

Advanced measurement of challenging eyes

The true test of a biometer is its performance with challenging eyes. In denser cataracts the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 achieves a measurement success ratio that is up to 20% higher than that of other optical biometry devices. Even with staphyloma, pseudophakic and silicone-filled eyes the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 measures along the visual axis, yielding the relevant axial distance.

Proven toric outcomes

Tests done with the ZEISS IOLMaster have been proven to exceed those using manual or automated keratometry

Keratron Scout Corneal Topographer

The Keratron Scout Corneal Topographer is a computerized tool that accurately maps a cornea's
topology to measure the refractive power.
This enables more efficient CL fitting particularly in patients with irregular corneas or those whith keratoconus.


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